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Revolutionary: (noun/adj.): characterized as one who instigates or favours revolution.

While it may seem to some that the word “revolutionary” defines one who is prone to causing mayhem, confusion and chaos, the true spirit of the word to Linda Taylor in the most complimentary way. After years of studying and implementing traditional medicine, Linda has opened her mind and capacities to adopt a more holistic approach to healthcare. She sees preventative and alternative medicine as complimentary to those practised across Canada. She has evolved into a health care practitioner who sees the benefit of approaching wellness through the mind, body and spirit and believes traditional and alternative medicine jointly play pivotal roles in that quest.

I have had the distinct pleasure to know Linda Taylor both personally and professionally for more than a decade. Through our involvement as both friends and like-minded adults, her unwavering thirst for knowledge and personal development has been the cornerstone of what makes her the woman she is now. Over the years I’ve watched with pride as Linda has transformed her life, ridding herself of burdens which held her back and thrusting herself head-long into the unknown. She does not subscribe to change for change sake but believes, with her whole heart, in change for the better.

As a friend, Linda has been loyal and patient. She has been there to offer a shoulder to cry on but has never stopped challenging those she loves to live courageously and with integrity. She has high standards and those close to her strive to be good enough just for the privilege of being able to call her a friend.

In my professional dealings with Linda, she has made a name for herself for consistently being well-researched and prepared. She carries herself confidently, and her professional demeanour is always effortlessly polished. She puts people at ease with her warm approach and self-effacing humour and can explain even the most complicated scenario with straightforward effectiveness.

Linda is a powerful force; one whose mind and heart uncompromisingly search for peace and serenity for herself and others. By incorporating her medical knowledge and augmenting it with complimentary therapies for the mind, body and spirit, Linda is a seeker of truth, joy and personal fulfillment.

Linda Taylor is truly a work of art.

Elizabeth Oakley-Renwicke


September 2006

Linda Taylor joined the Simcoe County Workplace Wellness Network when we formed in 2001 within her capacity as a Public Health Nurse representing the Simcoe County District Health Unit. Following her departure from the Health Unit, Linda remained involved with our network until 2005 representing her business LHTaylor Consulting.

Throughout these years, our network organized 2 major conferences and other smaller educational opportunities.

Linda demonstrated leadership, organizational ability, political awareness and an excellent understanding of the corporate sector. She provided an energetic and focused approach to our efforts and was a valuable contributor to our network.

From the Simcoe County Workplace Wellness Network

…involved in the successful planning and participation in the Plant-wide event. Her added touch and great suggestions were appreciated. She expedited materials and resources with seamless delivery arrangements and lent great support.

SC(Ret), Coordinator, Medical Facilities

Honda of Canada Manufacturing, Alliston


…great support and came through for us at social and rap sessions. Resources are well used and much appreciated.

The Selection Committee, Big Sisters’ Association, New Tecumseth

…encourages colleagues and is an active leader in her professional association

DL, Director, Registered Nurses Association of Ontario

Membership & Services Department


…contributed to the success of our project for the ‘Physician’s Breakfast and Learn Workshop’. Her information, resources and energetic perspective were invaluable. Feedback was excellent and we look forward to a continuing partnership.

JB, Health Department, Regional Municipality of Durham

…assisted us in developing a sustainable wellness program. Her Professional knowledge was well demonstrated and her keen interest kept us going many times as we grew into planning and implementation phases. Linda is a big asset to any business and had us see the Win:Win for everyone involved.

We highly recommend to any business that, when you ask for help from Linda, she is always there for you.

… able to identify with staff from all levels in the organization and design very appropriate programs to fit.

…please contact Tarpin Lumber for further information and I would be pleased to answer your questions. ”

Dave Pratt President Tarpin Lumber Inc. Sept 2006