...Contributing To A Healthier You  


Most of us are used to what professional call "the medical approach".  You have a problem, you go see a doctor, get a diagnosis and go from there.


Living well and staying healthy, even in the presence of an already diagnosed condition, involves so much more.  We work at prevention by weather-proofing our homes, changing the oil in the car, tuning the motor, changing tires before we skid even checking the "Best Before Dates" on the groceries.


Yet, when it comes to our health, we wait until the warning light comes on and we often ignore that too!


Contrary to some popular myth, it doesn't have to be looked at as "one more thing I should do".  Small changes make for big differences.  Sometimes, the results are seen right away.  More often, some will take a while to bear results.  All of those can be worked into existing lifestyles to help those changes have more opportunity for success...and not just for now but as a sustained effort for permanent change.


Adults don't do well being lectured...not sure anyone does!  So, Linda's approach helps with small steps and building on those successes.


Lifestyle, according to the research, either contributes to or detracts from our health - whether physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual.  It is often difficult to see where one stops and another begins.  We are complicated characters and the Mind-Body connection cannot be ignored.  In fact, this can be one of our best tools.


Other aspects that affect our health is where we live, how we live, our educational background, genetics, resilience and who we use as role models.  Our values, beliefs and, where present, our faith play major roles in how we live, work and play.


If you don't feel like you're in the driver's seat in your own life, then the time is now to explore your possibilities!


Make the decision to find your own best self.  What ARE you waiting for?