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Linda Taylor RN, BA

LHTaylor Consulting


A Registered Nurse by Training, Linda has been in Health Promotion and Health Education fields for 25 of her 33 year career.  Linda has also worked in the private sector and understands the demands on business today, managing change and blends her background for effective communication on relevant topics.


Her approach includes an emphasis on wellness goal-setting and putting thought into action.


Her down to earth way of thinking produces the desired results.


Maintaining a sense of humour and visioning the possibilities for success are central to her style.




With more than 28 years in health and wellness, Linda Taylor blends knowledge and action in her work with groups and individuals.

As a graduate of both Concordia University and Royal Victoria Hospital School of Nursing in Montreal, Linda began her commitment to health management working in hospital and community settings.

Since then, her work continues as a popular speaker with seminars, keynotes and workshops. Linda demonstrates her ability to make sense of the abundance of materials out there and turn thought into action. She informs and inspires her audiences while looking at the humorous side of life’s challenges.

Over the years, Linda’s expertise has been sharpened through relationships with the corporate, public and government sectors.

Her forthright approach allows her audience to address issues that directly impact their health and prevention of disease.

This approach emphasizes partnership when conveying needed information and motivates people to realize their own capacity to create solutions.

Past experience in the business community provides Linda with the understanding of the connection between corporate climate and aspects of health within the workplace. Productivity and absenteeism are but two factors that contribute to the success within any business.

Overall, Linda’s thirst for knowledge motivates her to convey enthusiasm and excitement in making changes. She acts as both educator and guide to promote others to a deeper understanding of their health management and its ultimate benefits. Along the way, humour and a new perspective shift old thinking and allow audiences to create goals with their newfound energy!

LHTaylor Consulting...contributing to a healthier you!