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Linda is a powerful force; one whose mind and heart uncompromisingly search for peace and serenity for herself and others...more

Elizabeth Oakley-Renwicke


September 2006


Linda demonstrated leadership, organizational ability, political awareness and an excellent understanding of the corporate sector. She provided an energetic and focused approach to our efforts and was a valuable contributor to our network...more

From the Simcoe County Workplace Wellness Network


When life hands you the challenges it does, how do you manage the day to day stuff?  What state are you in with your health - your mind, your body and your spirit?  When did you last experience true joy - even for a moment?  When did you last have one of those true belly laughs? 


The questions are for you to ask yourself.


What you can ask from me is information, guidance, reflection, perspective, a kick to action and provision of the steps, resources and reminders for the balance you seek.


Whether at home, at work or at play, do your inventory and start the journey to living the life you see for yourself.

Are you questioning what seems to be endless changes in the advice you get from health messages?  Good this week, bad next week?  Do you end up shrugging and feeling overwhelmed?

This section will help you become a wiser consumer, will attempt to clarify how to interpret some of these messages, provide food for thought, temper some of the over-the-top claims and make suggestions as to how to manage the overload.  The rest will be up to you...don't give up just yet!

Coming soon...


Attend a workshop, organize one for your workplace, get like-minded friends together and slow the spin for a spell!  Hear how you can create your own success, help friends and family and then set the pace for your steps to improved health.


Confused by all the information out there?  This week's do this; do that...seemingly different from last week?  Tired of the rhetoric and "the shoulds"?


Linda blends knowledge, humour, wit and motivation to invite her audience to create successes for living and managing what this modern world throws our way!


Start TODAY, take the steps, envision your possibilities...afterall, what ARE you waiting for?




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